Crushes that arnt interested?

Okay so my friend has this problem. Her name is Jess. Her boyfriend Andrew a couple months ago showed interest in another girl at his work. Jess found Andrews internet history about how to impress, flirt and steal a girl away from her boyfriend. How to create sexual tention? Jess asked him about it he denied when it was clearly on his phone. Then Jess found fb messages between Andrew and the girl at work and it was mostly Andrew trying to flirt and get attention from the girl at work and she wasn't having it. Jess also told the girl at work about what he was looking up and trying to do with her and it freaked her out and she eventually unfriended him. Months pasted and Andrew has recently messaged the girl at work asking why she unfriended him? Why she won't talk to him other than at work, he doesn't want to be fake friends at work, and he likes her, he is an attention whore and needs people to like him, while he keeps messaging her over and over she hasn't responded once. My friend Jess is hurt and confused, why is he trying so hard to be her friend and why can't he stop? Should they break up? He got super mad too when Jess confronted him about it.


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  • Yes, jess needs to break up with that guy. He is selfish and doesn't really care what his girlfriend feels like instead all he cares for is his image and his opinions. No1 deserves such a guy
    by the way tell jess to never check someone history again its rude


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  • That's part of life and love. It's a situation that he needs to accept. If he doesn't, he should be avoided, because he's only going to bring other people down with him.

    • What does he need to accept? That the girl from his work isn't interested and he has a girl friend? I'm a little confused

  • If it's true love then break up is'nt the solution, jess should try to know the root cause of his attraction,


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