I feel like I just have bad luck, and it gives me an overwhelming sense of melancholy sometimes?

Hey people, I'm just feeling bad. It feels like I'm not gonna get a chance to be with someone I could love. I'm 23, never had anything real relationship wise. I've not even had the experience of going on more than a couple real dates with any specific woman. Most women I get involved with end up playing me more or less. Like I'm losing out to another guy or something.

Don't worry, I'm not one of those guys that have developed that twisted anti-woman mentality. I'm not blaming the women I get interested in, or women in general. We are just humans being humans. And shit happens cause shit happens. That's how the universe works more or less.

But I've recently been rejected by another girl I was really into. I tried to ask her out a long time ago, she was taken. She started trying to talk me a long time later and we seem to have an amazing connection, really enjoying each other. She tells me one day her boyfriend hit her and left her. She starts making look like we're gonna start dating and then she just flat out stops talking to me and is now back with her boyfriend. And it's just like "really?" I can't get any breaks. This is one of several similar events in my dating life. It's very, very frustrating. All I want is someone I'm attracted to and enjoy being around, but all I get is disappointment.

It would be great if I thought it was something I could do to improve myself to help my chances but I really don't think it's me. I'm a rational person. I'm honest. I don't like to cause trouble and I like to help people. I'm introverted so yes I'm pretty reserved and calm, but not shy. I have a full time job, a car. Equally into indoor activities and outdoor activities. I like to understand stuff and help people understand stuff. I'm open to people, I'm willing to put in effort to listen to and appreciate people. And sometimes I can be pretty funny.

Like am I just drawn to the wrong women? I can't really control who catches my attention. Idk. Rant done I guess.


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  • I'm sorry! Is worth the wait I'm 21 And Im still single! Dont worry have fun! Travel make evrthjinh happen in your bucket list.
    Because once your marry or in a relationship its not gonna be the same! And add me by the way you seem my type cutie

    • Well it sucks when part of your bucket list is to share the experience of it with someone you love. I've already traveled around a lot, but not with someone I can enjoy the adventure with. But I understand what you're telling me.

      Sure I'll add you, why not.

  • This is weird to say, but I know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem and would describe myself fairly similarly.

    I do think it's me, but I can't pinpoint exactly what it must be! I know that's not helpful, but I just wanted to wish you good luck.

    • I know right? There has to be something affecting this. I appreciate the sentiment, thanks!

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