Why have things changed and what should I believe?

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. Since our one year it feels like things have changed. And not for the better. He has given me different reasons as to why they changed. The sex has decreased and he doesn't seem as loving. He's said Because I fight with him all time time. So that makes him not want to do it. I nag alot. Because he is to tired He isn't in the mood Bevause were in love What would bevause were in love have to do with it? We have lived together most of our relationship. I've asked if he wanted to take a break or if he has cheated and he said no. Then last night we talked again about it and he said because we're in a different stage in our relationship. He told me to go talk to a counselor and they would tell me. He went to a counselor wit his ex gf before he broke up with her. What dkes he mean by the different stage?

Can someone help me with this?


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  • I got you, a lot is going on here. First, different stage is another way to say, we feel different for each other. The fact that you nah, means your comfortable in your relationship and have started taking it for granted. The fun is lost, and you need to rekindle the flame. It's the man's job to lead the relationship, it's the woman's to keep it together. If you're nagging, that's counter productive, to your job. Immediately stop that, then find a new way to have sex. Your swimming in shallow water if he's mentions counseling.


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