How and when do I tell my mom and dad?

So this Is my problem, first of all my parents have been divorced for a couple of years now. So I (15 years old) met this cute girl (she is 14 years old) online in the comments section of a website and we have been chatting for a nearly a week now (and yes she is actually a girl (we have sendt pictures back and forth, I have no experience what so ever about chatting with a girl, but that's not the problem), so we came to an agreement after a few days of chatting that we found each other pretty attractive so we agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. (and she lives about a hundred miles from where I live) I have not an actual job so I don't have a solid In come of money. I know this I quite a bit of random information, but what my question is when should I tell them about her? And how would I do it? Thanks for reading through my problem here, if you feel like it I have a bonus question: we have been talking about meeting up in person and talked a lot about sexually stuff, how long should we wait to meet up and long should I stay there?

I'm thankful for all the answers, I'll gather up some nerves and hopefully (really really nervous) tell them soon.


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  • Okay, well first of all exchanging pictures doesn't mean anything. This person could be a forty year old man using pictures of a girl he found from google. You should try to video chat with her so you can actually see that she is who she says she is.

    Next, if you're going to meet up in person, you need to do so in a public place (like a coffee shop) and you should bring someone with you. (They don't have to actually sit with you, but if you meet this girl in Starbucks have your dad sit at another table so he can make sure you're safe).

    That's how you can bring it up to your parents. Tell them you've been talking to this girl online, and you'd like to make plans to meet up but you know that there are creeps on the internet so you would appreciate it if one of your parents could come along in case she's not who she says she is. This will make you seem very mature to your parents.


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  • This seems to be moving fast, I think you should tell them soon before you guys get sexually involved.

  • Tell them now!!! Be honest they would probably go with you and support you! good luck

  • You should meet personally before telling your parents

  • You should tell them as soon as possible. I see a lot of young just like you going and have sex and get pregnant.


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