Does he like me? What should I do next?

So lately I've been dwelling on whether or not this guy at school likes me. I'll start off by saying that I'm gay, and don't know if he is however I have a hunch that he is or is AT LEAST bisexual because I ended up cyber stalking him and found comments of his calling guys "hot", and well, we all know straight guys DON'T do that.

Anyway, he's a lab instructor/teacher's assistant and about 28 years old. I'm 24, and currently his student. Ever since I started in this program at school he'd try and get my attention one way or another. He'd smile at me, make lots of eye contact, randomly start conversations with me, talk to everyone else BUT me yet only look at me when he's talking etc, all of the signs of attraction are there. One day a friend of mine even asked me flat out why ___ was always trying to get my attention? And I got really embarrassed and didn't know what to say. All this time I just kind of ignored him because well, I didn't think he was gay, I'm really shy and awkward, or just didn't think he could be into me since well he's way out of my league physically. Besides, teacher student relationships are strictly forbidden so if I were to hit on him for example it could turn ugly. Lately however, I notice he's been ignoring me more and more so much that he doesn't even really look at me anymore. I even feel like he may be trying to get me jealous simply because he's so enthusiastic when he talks to everyone else, but doesn't even speak to me, what's going on :(?


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  • geez homosexuality is confusing


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  • It's better if you don't get involved with your teacher. I'm not gay so I'm not familiar with that dynamic when comes to figuring out if someone is gay or not but if it wasn't your teacher, everything else considered, I would've said to just talk to him more/get to know him from personal conversation and then try asking them out.

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