Will he ever talk to me again? :(?

The guy I've been seeing for the past month started treating me like a friends with benefits recently. He started just wanting to hang out at his house and watch tv which I'm cool with doing sometimes but not every time I see him. Then he tries to make moves on me which I told him I don't want sex yet. I mentioned that he needs to decide if I'm a friend or girlfriend because this in between isn't working for me.

He told me he has walls up from his ex that hurt him so he is having issues getting close to me so he can't commit yet. I admit this made me angry because he pursued me for weeks after we met and told me how much he likes me and acted like a bf. so I said "if I go out with other guys then you can't hold it against me since you want to be friends also I don't want sex outside a relationship" he got angry saying I am already planning dates and untrustworthy. I'm not at all I just mentioned it to make a point that he can't have friends with benefits with me he has to commit or strictly be a friend. He hasn't talked to me in 2 days :( I don't know what to do. I specifically made sure to show he could trust me this whole time too. Do you think he will end up texting me again? How do I tell him he can't just have me over all the time I want taken on dates?


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  • Send him away. He is just using you and does not really care what you feel, think, want in life. There are plenty of men out there.


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  • You did the respectable thing. If he doesn't talk to you again then you have your answer, he only wanted you for sex.

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