I move away... he then tells me how much he likes me? Advice, Please!?

I end up moving out of state. He texts here and there. Basically hear from him about once a month. Then tells me he missed me and that he liked me "a lot". We haven't spoken on the phone since I moved, but he does text me a few times a month. Sends me pictures of himself/what he's doing here and there. Has become a bit more flirty recently.

Not sure what to think. Is he lonely? Is he in a relationship? Is he trying to keep me around as a back up plan?
Does anyone ever call anyone on the phone anymore?
Advice please!!


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  • I don't understand texting either. Its so much easier to pick up the phone. In fact I don't text ever. I don't know with this guy. My advice is just ask him his feelings and intentions


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  • The only advice i can give is to not jump to conclusions. If i'm correct , you're not sure what his intentions are. If you like him back , ask him about his intentions && see why he is just telling you about his feelings for you.