Do any of you have a secret crush on someone and no ones knows? Who and why its a secret?

Feeling like a child right now, I like someone and i look at his page often.
I started liking him last year so is been a year now. I dont say anything because I know that it won't happen. Im a year older and is work a lot, he seems to be chilling a lot and partying but I love his personality. Like we haven't hung out before but we wrote each other, we got along perfectly. We talked about everything. I just get this feeling with him I really dont understand why. I haven't talked to him in a while but I still like him. Ima keep it to myseld for now though :)


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  • Yep, I like someone at work but I don't really talk to others hence why no one knows... even if I did (talk to others) i'd probably not mention it.

  • Yeah there's a couple girls I like at the college I go to. I'm starting to be friends with them and don't want it to get awkward. Also I don't drive or have money so dating is out of the question.


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