I told her I liked her & she doesn't act different?

I told this girl i like her a lot but now she's acting the same as before like it never happened is this a good sign or nah?


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  • If she didn't react or admit to any feelings, she probably doesn't see you as anything more than friend. But, on a good note, she obviously sees you as a very good friend, because she doesn't feel uncomfortable with you still. If you have any doubts about her feelings, just ask her how it made her feel when you admitted you liked her.

    • I don't know if it helps but she's kinda a shy girl, with a strong personality,

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    • Thanks for all the advice you really did help

    • I'm glad I could help you. Just hang in there.

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  • She probably doesn't like you in that way. She may like you just as a friend and that's good too. You may feel a little stung but you would find the one day. There are more fished in the sea


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  • I say yes, you liked her for who she was why would she change

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