Trust issues. How to fix? Help please?

Okay me and my girlfriend been dating for like 3 months. I found out she was talking to another guy on fb. Saying oh u got me in my feelings. She was saying she was thinking of him. etc. I let it go. But like i can't get over it even though it happen a couple months ago. I still be thinking she's talking to another guys on fb or kik. Cause everytime i get on fb she adds nothing but guys and like they be telling her to inbox them and stuff. But I'm still like hurt cause i thought i could trust her at first into she did that. What should i do? Like what would u do? Thank you.


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  • I understand. I mean if I saw my bf say that to another girl that would upset me cause I don't think it's right for someone to tell someone else that especially if they're in a relationship. The only person she should be thinking about is you. When you're in love with someone they're your priority. Does she know you look on her FB? I hope she isn't doing this to make you feel jealous on purpose. Just act like it doesn't bug you. If it gets worse I'd talk to her about it and tell her how I feel. If she's just friends with the guy then don't worry unless she's flirting with him.

    • The thing is if i added girls on my fb like that she would be pissed. Like should i do the same thing she did to me? And i think she don't know i be checking her fb like i do. Can't get this off my mind.

    • I think she would enjoy it if you showed how it was bothering you. Girls are like that. If you did the same thing yes she would be pissed. I must say I know cause I'm a girl and I've seen other girls play the same games like this. They can be confusing. I'd just act as if it's not bothering me. If she keeps doing it then she just really wants you to show her you're jealous but I wouldn't show her that you feel upset by this. I wouldn't be able to get this off my mind too. I'm sorry. I'd feel really upset by this too.

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  • You need to have a talk with her and explain how you feel. See if she would change or compromise. If not and you still feel insecure or unhappy then you need to decide if this is someone you would like to be with


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  • Dude, I'm pretty sure she's playing games with you here. There's nothing wrong with you. You don't have trust issues. She's just taking advantage of the fact that you don't really say much about her interactions with other guys.

    I'm not saying its wrong for her to have male friends, but she seems to be involved in a lot more than that. Confront her and demand answers, or just dump her.

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