Alright, does this Tinder dude want sex or want me?

Okay, so I spoke to him on Tinder and we messaged pretty innocently for about a week (he didn't bring up any sex stuff, no winky faces etc.) He brought up that maybe we should meet up for some coffee or something. I said maybe. Sure enough we went out for coffee one night (it was fucking cold) we sat outside a coffee shop for like an hr, just spoke about school, he was pretty polite, funny enough and asked a lot questions about me. (some I had already answered through messages but whatever) Then he ended the date by saying that he had to go back and study. We said goodbye he offered to walk me to my car but I just said no thanks. At this point, even though things seemed to go well, I thought "You ain't gonna see me again." I just figured he wasn't interested. Then to my surprise he texted me after the date telling me to drive safely and all I said was "thnx" and then he continued to text me and say how he was happy to meet me, he wouldn't mind us seeing each other again etc. And he's still texted me for the 2 days after the date just asking me about school and random things. He still hasn't brought up sex or anything. Also I'm like 2 inches taller and probably weigh 60lbs more than this guy. So I ain't some hot chick.
Do you think he actually wants something exclusive or is he just playing nice until he gets what he wants (sex)?

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ALSO he asked me to add him on Facebook and other social media.


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  • Way too soon to know if he wants a relationship with you. I mean, you probably don't know either, since you guys just met. It can't hurt to continue seeing him and getting to know him better, though. I see no red flags or anything, if you're worried about that. I know Tinder tends to have people who just want to hook up, but there are plenty of exceptions too. Just don't get too physical until you have a better idea of what he's like/where he's at.

    • Yea I'm not really sure what I want with him either. He's really handsome and his personality isn't terrible or anything. Guess I'll wait it out. I just don't want to get attached then find out that all he wanted me for was sex.

    • Yeah, I know the feeling. It sounds good so far, though. Hope it continues to go well.

    • Thanks!

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  • I can honestly say, I don't use tinder to hook up. I use it just to flirt and have a laugh (not that I get many matches though). I did end up actually "liking a girl" on there one time, we met up, it was nice, but I think were both iffy about actually dating from tinder lol

  • I put too soon to be certain , But try and get to know him more (If you like him of course), and over time, you should be able to see , Remember dont rush it, Play Hard to get ;) , Good luck. :)


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  • From what I've heard that's the only reason guys go on there. From what you've written it's too soon to tell. He sounds like a sweetheart. But I'm not all that trusting either, so get to know him more if you want. If he has something to hide, it will come to the light. :)

    • Definitely. Thanks for the opinion!

  • He must find you amiable. Seems like he's wanting to learn more about you. Be glad he's those super forward guys on Tinder.

    • Oh I'm glad but I still like to be cautious. There's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing.