How to get girls to reply on Tinder?

So I have been using tinder for a while and have been getting matches pretty steadily. but whenever i start talking to the girls, at first it starts off okay and she replies consistantly but after a single day or so it ends up being one word replies until days before more one word replies? the message i send aren't perverted or agressive at all. more like nice and funny so why do these girls keep losing interest after such a short time? How do i keep their interest and keep them talking to me long enough for me to ask for a date or a meet? suggestions from both guys and girls who have used this app before


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  • Honestly, I've only used Tinder a few times, but I'm actually dating the guy I met on there. I kind of had it as a joke so this was the first time I replied seriously, but he seemed like a great guy and super cute so we ended up talking for a while. We talked for hours and then exchanged numbers and texted a few days before we met up.

    I'd suggest just being yourself and make sure she feels comfortable. Ask open questions to make sure the conversation keeps going. Anything that could be answered with a yes or no shouldn't be asked. That's probably the best way to effectively end a conversation or make it difficult to move on to a new topic. If she has a profile check that and ask about what she's written about; 99% of the time you can work with it if they say they like cooking, or spots, or travel.

    Just know that like 90% of the time you're either not going to get a reply or you're not going to click. Just be upfront with what you're looking for and relax. A lot of girls won't actually meet up so be patient.


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  • you have to make sure you aren't boring. most girls will be turned off by someone who just does basic conversation. start off by saying are you here for fun or for something more serious? it is the perfect ice breaker and she will answer and then build off the conversation from there. be edgy , set up a date and score bud

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