Do You Guys Think This Guy Truly Likes Me?

he's 25 yaers old, he's such a gentleman. last Friday he invited me over and we ended up having sex. then we went out and i was just going to go home by myself, but he invited me back to his place. i thought he wanted to have sex again, but he didn't, we just watched a movie, cuddled then fell asleep.

he even gave me the better pillow to use, and we shared the same blanket. he was offering me to wear any of his shirts. then next morning we didn't have sex either, just cuddled.

he's sweet too, he's randomly called me a few times, first time he said he couldn't sleep in the morning so called me. another time he said he felt bad for not replying for 16 hours or something so he called me during a 10 minute break at work.

he's really sweet, and i like him a lot. he even told his friends about me. but like, he doesn't text at all, or when he does it's kind of barely, i know how guys are with texting but still, we'll go like 3 days without saying a word.

any opinions? and thank you for reading all that.


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  • Seems like I just answered this. He's just not a texter so why don't you call him


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  • Ahhhhh! Why are you having sex with him if you don't know how he feels about you?

  • Im going through the texting problem, basically the same thing without the sex lol. Men are random, if he likes you like I believe he does I wouldn't worry. The texting thing though. Its confusing. He might just be a busy guy.

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