Should I give him another chance? Guys is this genuine?

So I've been talking to a marine for a month now, but we started dating last week. But a few days before he asked me to be his girlfriend he started acting different, like distant.

Yesterday we got Into this argument & I told him I'm done.
Today I woke up to 4 texts messages, & all day he has been texting me. Keeps asking for me back, says that he's chasing me, we FaceTimed & before we did he said that he isn't in the mood b/c of what has been said today & when we FaceTimed he barely said anything & for the most part look depressed although I made him smile like once.

The argument today has lasted ALL day. I just keep talking about how he never compliments me anymore, he doesn't tell his feelings anymore, he never wants to FaceTime (today was the first time I got him to do it), never calls & honestly it's been difficult to try & get him to see me.

He told me he has had things going on & he's been lethargic (slow, no motivation, etc.) & that he is trying (which doesn't feel that way) & earlier I asked why should I get back with him & he said:

"Cuz I know that it seems like I'm a lousy bf right now, but if you really got to know me and we lasted, you would realize that there's no one in the world like me and that you would be glad you made the right choice. That's why."

When we first started talking I felt that he liked me, always complimented me, said he was so lucky, basically the complete opposite from now.

Earlier he called me baby & he rarely does that.

So frustrated, don't know what to do. My sister just says, he's a loser & you should find someone else, but I don't know, he never acted like this. & when I ask what wrong he basically ignores it.


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  • Just leave him. If it is this confusing right now after this short amount of time, imagine what it will be like later.

  • It's been 30 days and you're already in this deep?


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