I guess I'll see you around?

I've known this girls for about two months now and I asked if we could be more than just friends and she laughed and said no. She said that all she ever saw me as was a friend and she really wants to be friends and that she would be devastated if I left her, I haven't talked to her in going on two months was I wrong for that?


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  • You're not wrong for that. You are just protecting your feelings from her. When you like someone who doesn't like you back but you still keep them in your life, you're only hurting yourself. Being aware of the fact that you will never be with that person is heartbreaking.

    • Thanks, I do want to be her friend but I don't wanna feel like she's just stringing me along

    • exactly there's nothing wrong with protecting yourself

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  • You just got rejected by a girl and its stings a bit so its understandable that you would just be distant. She has made her point clear , so you can decide whether or not you want to be friends or just forget about it. She can only string you along if she sends you signals like I am interested today and then the next not but I don't think that the case here.


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