Weird situation is she into me?

I met this chick online about a month ago. just randomly talking on a site. we enjoyed each others sense of humor so we started talking on a messaging app as just friends. mostly just telling jokes back and fourth one day we actually talked about ourselves (something serious happened to her) after awhile talking she gave me her number said text me some time. we started texting. she started texting me every morning to say good morning and we talk all day everyday. now we have eachother on several different things text snap instagram and we have video chatted a little and talking to her and I fell hard for her. which I know is weird we've never met in person and she live a couple states over.
-we talk all day long everyday
-she sends me good morning texts every day
-she comes to me to talk about all of her problems
-she always respons fast to every
-she asks my opinion when she has to make hard decisions
-from talking I've found out im exactly her type but she has never directly said it tho

Sorry for horrible grammer


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  • This could be a great love story!
    Buy you got to let her know how you feel!
    Is now or never! While you still have a chance!!


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  • i think she is, but im not an expert
    if you really love her, you should ask her if she feels the same way

  • It's not real until you meet face-to-face. The internet is notorious for creating an image in your head of who that person behind the monitor is really like.


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