I hit it off with an older woman.. then she backed off because she misunderstood a few coments I made?

I went on a date with a woman who is a few years older then me. We walked and talked for hours and had a great time. We made plans to go out again then she had canceled with no reason. I had asked out again and she had said that afew coments about my life and out looks on the world is why she dosent think it wouldn't work out.

These comments are a bit off the wall snaps that is say often that need abit of explaining.

Example. I never planned to make it to 25.

This is the one she kept quoting me on.
Now she never let me explain what i meant.

I tend to say things to open the converstation to questions.

She hasn't bailed out completly and we still hang out and flirt but i try to bring up the situtation to explain she avoids it or just says she dosent want to talk about it now.

Now i dont expect her to change her mind about me but id like to know its because of who i am not because of the way i said somthing.

How can i at least get her to let me explain myself


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  • She said no. Deal with it and move on.