(Only fr mature lady) Would you like to Date younger guy of age between 18 to 24 ?

(Only fr mature lady) Would you like to
Date younger guy of age between 18 to 24 ?
As my question says tht
Would u like to date
I am very curious about it please answer


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  • I am 20 my boyfriend is 19

    • Hmm wow thats sound very good
      I like you
      Your thinking lol keep it up

    • He's way more mature than me. He has a mortgage, a full time job, and I'm just a student.

    • Wow thats great
      Thats good

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  • im 32 last 2 guys i dated were 28 and the youngest i dated was this summer. he was 24 and he love older mature ladies too. sex was unbelievable. howvever we broke up cuz i wanted to get married soon and he wasn't ready for that yet. but i do love him and we are still friends.

    • Wow really
      I am also love mature ladies so much
      Its sounds so sexy

    • I wanted to b frn of matured lady to

  • For me? I think it's fine.. it's still up for both parties on how to make the date successful and age don't matter as long as the guy is matured enough to handle. Be open to the possibility that there are big differences. Who would know, it'll work out. And others opinion are not important as long as you as you are happy and without hurting anyone.

    • Actually i feel like attracted towards matured ladies
      Yeah i also think that age dont matter
      And thank u dear ;) ;)

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    • you can message me.. :)

      and thanks for the compliment ;)

    • Ok i am messeging u dear

  • I really dont care about the age. As long as i like him then its ok. I actually had 3 bf who is younger than me. Usually younger men fall for me. I only had one bf who is older than me.

  • No, doesn't appeal to me. I've always preferred older men.

    • Ok fine thats good
      And thanks fr answering dear

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