Being inlove with a guy with a girl friend already?

I am in a relationship now with a guy who has a gf in his home country. He has been honest to me ever since. He even told me that he loves that girl more than me and she is his priority. In the first month of relationship he used to call every night and text for even the whole day but now he is not like that anymore. He even do not want to see me during his free time on weekends. I tried to understand him becoz i agree with his situation. I tried to break up with him many times but i can't becoz i really like him. We even had sex already. I regretted it becoz after that he seems to be colder. But lately he comes to the house every morning. He jogged every weekdays and he pass by the house to see and talk to me. Though he just stay only at 30 - 1 hour. That's the time he allocated at me now. He dont even text and call me like he used to do. Maybe coz im been so jealous and mad at him with the previous months becoz i was so insecure about my status with him. I tried to ask him how he really see me and he said that as a sister and love. I am so confuse d about it... I really can not understand what he is trying to tell me...


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  • move on. the dude is using using as a masturbatory aid. at least he did. if he loves that other girl why even bother?


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  • He has realized that he is Strictly in love with his other home country gal, sweetie, and that he cheated on her with you and that his conscientious will not let him guide him to your open arms again and Now-----That as a sister and love.
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone from whatever 'Country' here that he is giving you his own lame duck excuses to let you know that you are in his friend zone and that you both will not be going in between or even on top of the sheets anytime anytime too soon... it's dead in the water.
    Regard him as a friend now, respect his wishes. He more or less had made his decision right from the start of this whole fling thing... he is now sealing it with not a kiss but his own stamp of 'Sister' approval as of now.
    Move on... it's a losing battle... his heart is obviously in San Francisco and it doesn't smell good in Denmark, stay clear, dear..
    Good luck. xx

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