Feel so confused, does he really love me?

Arrg! I know I got myself into this, but I need advice, so, this guy I met on here, we exchanged numbers and started chatting, now recently, he says he loves me, and he says such beautiful things. But, the problem is, when we first started chatting, I send him a picture of my friend, and said its me. So now, he has about 10 pictures of my friend, thinking its me. I'm such an idiot. I don't know what to do. I don't want him to be mad at me or to feel that I don't love him, sign.
PS. We are on to different continents, can he really love me "for who I am" ?
I don't want to hurt him😢😭😭

And I honestly do think I love him
what should I DO


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  • lol yes he can love you even if he's on the moon.
    There is no easy way to solve yr problem, ull have to tell him the truth. How you do it is upto you, if i were you i would send him my pictures claiming Its the FRIEND and then the friend would start taking interest in him while i would leave


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  • Am I the only one who hopes he is reading this right now, you're not even anon lol
    He likes the idea of you but he obviously doesn't know you

    • Don't be so cruel >how do I delete a question,

    • I'm kidding and you can still switch to anon

  • You've already hurt him. So there's that!

    • Omggggg... i meant to make it anonymous,

    • Yeah, yeah. Well, now that it's known, this is a fine way to tell someone you lied about your identity.

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