I get infatuated by almost every girl I meet and it is making my life difficult. What to do?

It's cliched I know but I seem to get infatuated with every girl I meet. I've never had a girlfriend so would hazard to guess that this must stem from the toll over the years of constantly looking for anyone that might even show the slightest of intrest.


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  • Are you kind of a quiet guy? If so, show assertiveness. Maybe sometimes girls are showing you slight interest but they don't know what they want yet. If a girl is showing interest, let her know that you are interested back and within time she'll let you know if she's serious or not. Don't be TOO pushy, but you want her to think that she's more interested in you than you are her. Be VERY careful of girls who are "showing you interest" by sending you pictures or fishing for compliments... a lot of times they are just looking for a quick confidence boost and have no interest in you at all. Women love the feeling of being admired so if you are giving them that without the relationship, they have no need to be in a relationship with you.

    • Haha. Boys want sexual gratification, girls want ego gratification. The kids are alright

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  • You are projecting your wants onto others. You don't actually care about the other person at all. Its rooted from self gratification. Learn to be happy and self fulfilled by yourself before adding someone else into the mix.

    Otherwise you will never be happy or satisfied with your life.


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  • let it happen enough times and you will get over it in time.