Why do really attractive guys make me so shy?

I'm pretty attractive myself, not being concieted but I get a lot of compliments. And I have my entire life. I never thought I was that pretty, because of some major confidence issues. So I tend to go for guys who are more funny than more attractive. I always put looks last on my list because im not very superficial. I'd take a funny Seth rogan over a Ryan gosling anyday. But recently I found a guy with a great personality and looks. Like he's ridiculously attractive. Amazing style, tattoos, beautiful eyes and he actually likes me. I'm so shocked cause usually these type of guys don't go for me and I never go for them. Anyways, he make me freeze up and makes me super shy. He said im really pretty but I still question if he thinks I'm cool enough or if I dress well enough cause he's just so great. How can I overcomee this fear that I'll turn out to be something he doesn't like? or that he's potentially judging me because he could get any girl he wants over me?



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  • relax, life is giving you lemons and i think its time you made lemonade from them
    there's no need to be shy or confused, if a guy likes you he will like you no matter how cool, smart or hot he is


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  • Humility is great, and very rare. If he's really a good guy he may haved picked up on that in you. In which case don't ruin it by being you (haha, I'm not being rude but you know what I mean, let it happen)

    • Don't ruin it by being me? like by being too humble? lol I'm confused.

    • I mean by assuming you're you and you never get the good looking guy. Time to relax n get to know him, you got this, lol

    • I just always avoided the hot guys cause I assume they're all players and can get any girl they want. I'm definitely not gonna move too fast sexually haha

  • It's normal to feel that way. I get shy around girls I find attractive.


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  • I am also incredibly shy... And it sucks. Especially since I am crushing on an also shy guy, so neither of us want to make the first move and it gets super awkward when we are alone together because neither of us know how to start the conversation. However, some guys find it super cute when girls get flustered around them.