Is it okay to keep on asking my girlfriend to come and see me on the weekends Does it seem needy or cheeky?

I just feel cheeky and needy is that to bad since I'm asking her to come down since I have a fear of public transport so I can't get a bus to see her and I hate it because I just wanna see her
Is it cheeky to ask her to come down to mine


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  • Nah i think its oke, but yeah, i think you should also try to find a way to get to her now and then. Public transport isn't that scary, the bus won't bite ;) You could also try to walk or cycle to her? (depends on how far away she lives ofcourse). I don't think it will be a problem for her to come to you though =)
    Good luck =D


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  • You should just ask her if it's bothering her, but she probably wants you to go to hers occasionally as well :)
    Public transport isn't that scary and you'll get used to it eventually :D

    • Okay and yeah I want to go to hers too but she hasn't told her parents about me and omg Nooo I seriously can't go on it

  • Scared of public transport? Wow... if she knows about your fear and accepts it, then it's perfectly fine to ask her to come over. I would get sick of it after a while though... maybe get someone to drive you occasionally? :)


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