Is my friends with benefits suddenly interested?

Me and this guy keep it casual. We don't text often. We see each other at werk frequently. Some days i think he cares and other days he is i think he doesn't. He doesn't hug or kiss me in public. So yeah. Blah blah just the sex. But, lately. He has been having more coversations with me
He has come up behind me at werk and gave me lots of pecks on my neck. He kissed my forehead after we had sex the last time and he has sang around me. We both like drugs (not harsh ones but thats a whole different convo)
He came up behind me at work and told me he has a surprise for me Friday or Saturday. He wouldn't tell me what is was. Then later he was like "wondering what it is?" and i always get disappointing suprises. Such as dog food on my bday -_-. He told me by whispering "drugs". I'm excited but I'm scared he is turning this into something else. What should I do? Or is this just a good time and I shouldn't worry?


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  • Welcome to the world of friends with benefits .


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