Getting over a guy that only wanted sex?

I met this guy and he made me feel like the only girl in the world he was so passionate we had a really good connection we had sex 2 days after meeting i wanted to wait but at the same time i was extremely attracted to him & it just happened things were still going good after but the second time we had sex he just slowly stopped talking to me and just changed i guess he lost all interest or at least he stopped faking the interest he had in me i talked to him about it and he claimed he was going to put in more effort to see me but hasn't made any attempt to contact me since our talk (its been about 3 days) , i decided to move but i can't stop thinking of him I just feel stupid dwelling on him while he could care less about me & i dont even cross his mind


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  • I sympathize with you. We all make mistakes.

    • Thank you, it's crazy because i know he's bad news but a small part of me hopes he will come back even though i know that won't happen I don't know what's wrong with me 😔

  • So basically you're retarded and want to regain some kind of dignity. Well, you can't. You fell for it! Nahnahnahnahnah! :p

    • I guess 😔

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    • Yea next time ill be more careful & wait for sex

    • Well, you live and learn.

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