Question for asthmatics?

I've had asthma since I was probably 10 and I've always just used inhalers, so now I go to the doctor so I can get a prescription for a new one since an inhaler will usually last me quite a while and this doctor does this breathing test on me and then says my breathing is horrible. So she gives me two different inhalers and then wants me to come back for a follow up. She wants me to use one inhaler twice a day even if I don't need it and this is supposed to open up my lungs and the other one as the rescue inhaler when needed. Then she wants me to come back for a follow up. All I wanted was a perscription so I could get an inhaler, I can see this being a 200 dollar ordeal after I pay all the copays. Has a doctor ever had you do this? I have the same problem with my eye doctor. lol She wants me to come back so 120 bucks later and the problem still isn't fixed.

The inhaler she gave me to use twice a day isn't any different than what i've used in the past as a recue inhaler. It actually works the best compared to all the other inhalers i've ever used, Honestly, I don't see her recommendations working.


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  • sometimes you use inhalers even if you dont need it because yes it opens up your lungs, think of it as pills

    i was the same and when i was... 11 ? i dont even remember how old i was but yea a doctor told me about this medication thing that i had to take for 3 months, he said if it heals my asthma then it heals it , like it will not come back. if it doesn't, then i ll have to live with it
    at this point i was over it and fed up and didn't really care if it worked or not. but it did!!!
    i can't even remember when was the last time i used and inhaler !
    and i used to run out of breath if i WALKED a little too fast lol

    i get it very very rarely like a couple of times a year (if any) so yea its not 1000% gone lol but im fine with it :P
    unfortunately i dont remember the name or much detail about it, and im 20 years old so yea it was way long ago
    but talk to your doctor about it she could know what i mean also I don't know if this matters but i didn't reach puberty when i started that medication (it matters with some types of treatments)

    also some (i repeat SOME) types of sports help with asthma and breathing problems. i was too scared to try any sports or anything that requires a lot of movement. i did whatever to avoid getting an asthma attack but yea consult someone

    • That's the thing is I didn't really understand what the purpose of all of this was. Doctors aren't really the best at explaining why they are doing something, they just give you a bunch of meds and throw you out the door so they can get their next patient in.

    • yea i agree lol they are more focused on the illness than the person who is carrying it lol but if its a trusted doctor then dont worry about it, if not then they might to be trying to get more money out of you

      but yea like i said the inhaler thing could be like pills

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  • Doctors know more then us and they don't give prescription just for fun if she said you need all that so she know you need if you do question her so just change the doctor and don't do as she said...


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  • Asthma is an out-of-control inflammatory response in the respiratory system. It is often a symptom of an omega-3 deficiency, although Western doctors are not trained to recognise that. The drug companies write the curriculum for medical schools (as a result of generous funding of university research projects), so big chunks of known science are not taught to doctors. Medical journals seldom publish anything about it, because such journals depend upon advertising from drug companies for their commercial viability. Drug companies want you to stay sick and continue to buy inhalers and other drugs. There is no profit for them if you reduce the severity of your condition.
    Published peer-reviewed clinical trials have shown that a patented extract of the oil of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, which is sold in the USA as Omega XL and elsewhere in the world as Lyprinol, can reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks considerably. In some cases, the asthma disappeared while the subjects used Lyprinol.
    1. Emelyanov, A, Fedoseev, G, Krasnoschekova, O, Abulmity, A, Trendeleva, T & Barnes, PJ 2002, Treatment of asthma with lipid extract of New Zealand green-lipped mussel: a randomised clinical trial, European Respiratory Journal, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 596-600. doi: 10.1183/09031936.02.02632001
    2. Mickleborough, TD, Vaughn, CL, Shei, RJ, Davis, EM & Wilhite, DP 2013, Marine lipid fraction PCSO-524 (Lyprinol/Omega XL) of the New Zealand green lipped mussel attenuates hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction in asthma, Respiratory Medicine, vol. 107, no. 8, pp. 1152-1163.