Should I believe that the guy I am talking to is in a relationship with another girl?

So my "friend" Mat set me up with his friend Chris this summer. We had a date, but then we didn't talk for a while. Now me and Chris are talking again and I told Mat about it and then he informs me that Chris has a girlfriend named Danielle and has been with her for almost a year now.

The thing is Mat is a huge jerk and is cheating on his current girlfriend and has tried cheating with me, so I feel like I shouldn't trust what he says. He can't even tell his own girlfriend the truth. I asked Chris if he's single and he said he is. I checked his Facebook and he's not even Facebook friends with a girl named Danielle. This is the 21st century and 99% of people have Facebook. It's also not on his profile that he is taken. My gut tells me that Kyle isn't cheating on someone, but you never really know I guess.

At first Mat said he "thinks" her name is Danielle, and then he said it WAS. They are best friends, so I would think if it were true he would KNOW her name. I would tell Chris that Mat told me he has a girlfriend, but that was cause so much drama. I have a feeling Mat is jealous because he always tries to get with me, but I obviously am not interested in a cheater. Also, when Mat set me up with him this summer, that was not even close to a year ago, and Mat never mentioned this "girlfriend" at that point in time. It is possible however that he was stretching/estimating the amount of time they were together.

Chris has told me that he's thinking about a relationship with me because he really likes me and thinks we have great sexual/physical chemistry. Would a taken guy who is just trying to cheat really talk to me, a girl who he knows isn't a casual dater, about something as serious as a possible relationship?

I just would really appreciate some input! Thanks :)


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  • do you have any other mutual friends you could confirm this with?

    • no :/ unfortunately not

    • Did you look through his fb pictures? There aren't pics of him esp close with a girl right? Or repeat pics of him and the same girl?

      But I would proceed cautiously with this guy but believe your gut. If you think he's trust worthy then believe that. Your other friend already proved himself to be an ass you can't trust. I woudnt take what he says too seriously

    • No he's not that active on Facebook, but the pics I did see are of him and friends hanging out together. I mean there were a couple girls in the pics, but they were in a big group. Thanks for the advice :) that's kind of what I was thinking!

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