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I need to get over this guy and fast. Everytime I try getting over him, something always happens. For example he'll either call me, text me, or even try contacting me through social media.

It all started out great, it was a cat and mouse chase. Of course my guard was up because I didn't know his motive, so we started off as friends and then it lead to him and I really liking each other. Before things for seriousi told him I was a virgin. He was shocked and didn't really believe me at first. But then he said that's so special (which could've been game). So we hang out, see each other, and things of that sort. One time we even kissed and that led to oral sex between the both of us (giving and receiving) now granted I never performed oral sex on a guy before so that's evident that I really had feelings for him (and yes I told him that). So recently I notice we'll go days without speaking, I brought it up and he replied saying he's busy he doesn't mean it. But I find if strange that now the only time I speak to him is if I text or call him first.

This saddens me be because I really caught feelings for him and now I feel like he's brushing me off for someone new. so what should I do? Because the last thing I want is for me to be thinking this is going somewhere sticking around and it doesn't.


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  • It sounds like your relationship is cooling off

    • So what should I do? Remove myself silently out of the relationship or speak up and say something?

    • Ask him what's up

  • Change phone number, get out of social media, find something intense to do, get yourself tired, sleep over it a cpl of weeks and that's it!


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