Do you think we should follow our intuition when thinking someone likes us?

I have been through a lot in my life and nobody would know because I appear to "have it all together".

Anyhow this has been a disadvantage for me because I have become extremely shy and self conscious around guys I am interested in or I think are attractive. I think that I am flirting but I am not near as flirty as some girls are and I over think absolutely every move I make. In the past it was hard for me to even look at guys I was attracted to in the eyes in fear of them knowing that I liked them and I end up almost completely ignore them!

I have always felt like guys have not been interested in me but I am finally admitting to myself that I have most likely been sending mixed signals as well as I am very tall and MAYBE this intimidates guys? (I have been told I intimidate guys)

Well there is a guy I have interest in, and he's in one of my classes. He has flirted with me more than I've noticed any other guy has with very little verbal communication. He stares at me, bumps into me walking by me in class on purpose, etc (lots more)

I put doubts into my head that he's just a flirt or not interested, because he's way more outgoing with another girl in the class and stuff. But something in me tells me that he does like me or is very interested in me. I try to flirt back such as smiling, looking at him, liked his picture after he added me, etc.

But it's just all moving very slowly and the semester is almost over and I do not want to let him get away if he does like me, but I'm scared of rejection or screwing something up and then feeling even more down on myself. I have been working really hard on my confidence and that's why I've been able to show him some signals back but I'm scared I'll feel like I over analyzed everything and then feel even more dumb when it comes to guys...

Anyhow, should I trust my gut and give him my number? Or could I possibly be imagining it all?

Thanks, sorry for the length

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  • I understand how you feel. This happened to me before. I say you just try and talk to him if possible. If not, just continue and see how things go. It's okay to not go out with someone, you can always like someone and not have a relationship with them. If you really do like him though, try to figure out if he likes you, either through one of his friends or by watching how he acts towards you and other girls. Don't be scared to make the first move! Best luck to you!

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