I can't help but wonder if my new bf is a closet gay guy?

It's the little things that make me go hmm.
1) he is always saying "that's gay" about things. Maybe because he is? For example, his sister read her poem the other day and like a typical brother, he teases her. But his teases to people are always" uhh, that sounds pretty gay"
2) I saw his university id from a few years back. He was posing in it. He said... as the guy was about to take his picture, he got into the pose. His pose was of his hand under his chin, kinda like a senior pic. But instead if being 17 in the pic, he was 30.
3) he has a video on yt of his exgf filming him and laughing as he tries on her jeans and walk around tve apt with them on with her encouragement. At obe point he asked her if the jeans make it look like he has a butt now. Who does that?
4) he is very pro gay rights on fb.
5) he loves sex but he won't perform oral. He said he doesn't like it.


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  • Your reasoning skills and logic are at par with arabs. You should become a grand mufti there :)

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    • Again , I can't comment other than.. If someone is making terrorist "jokes", I'm out. Nobody with LOGIC does that this day n age. Your examples are very black n white by the way.

    • Yep they are black and white, agreed.. But i couldn' t think of any others while sitting in maths class and studying matrices. My point is, the criterias you gave.. Are totally wrong. None of them correctly defines gay people. For example, neil patrick harris and jim parsons are gay. How many of these things have they done? Dont worry. As long as he's sexual with you, you have no reason to worry :)

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  • Your reasoning skills are atrocious.


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  • Gay or not, I wouldn't date any guy that wouldn't go down.