Why don't guys look at me?

Honestly I just want to see guys input on this topic. I am 19 years old turning 20 in a couple months. I just want to know why don't guys look at me? I have never been on a date, no ones ever had a crush on me, I've never even been kissed. I'm starting to think that I must be that horrible to look at or to even be that unattractive to even get a side glance. I am currently a sophomore in community college and I had finally thought this was my chance to meet some guys but then it's just like high school I got nothing. I would always compare my self to other girls at my high school and just say wow they are so pretty, all the guys would go them, they would pretty much do anything for them while I was in the corner just watching. I recently just made a tinder and I did get some likes but then it's like no one messages me. I'm sorry for the ranting I'm just trying to figure my situation. Any advice would help ! Please and thanks :)

Okay I'll admit I am on the bigger side but I will say I workout on a daily basis, I have thunder thighs because I did dance and I have muscles, boobs and a butt. I'm 5'2 and pant size 14. But I don't look like it, I am trying to lose weight so badly because I keep hoping if I'm a size 2/4 guys will be more attracted to me...
I am very independent, it seems I have confidence when I talk to other people and give my opinions/answers but when it's thinking about my self on my looks and personality that is when I start to really get low on myself.


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  • maybe its the fact that you are only in a community college aha :p , im jkinng , but honesstly you sound great , soo idkk , maybe the guys around you are dumb


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  • Well it could be based on your looks. Without a picture, it's pretty much impossible to make an accurate judgement though. There are few guys who spend time chasing ugly girls. Not that I'm insinuating you're ugly by any means!

    Guys also notice the way girls carry themselves. I often hear how women look for confidence in men. The same goes for what men look for in women. Be strong about who you are as a person. Have something to offer somebody; I mean there has to be a reason for WHY someone wants to be around you, right? If you find yourself around people and just wanting them to like or accept you, then you're not being yourself. You should be doing whatever you want to do, and then the people who're naturally like you will gravitate towards you, and want to be with you! This includes guys! Let me know if that doesn't make any sense.

    Anyways, here's what I look for in a girl. See how much of it describes you (or how much doesn't describe you), and maybe you'll get a more accurate idea of where you stand:

    I like confident and independent women who are not full of themselves. They don't necessarily need a man in their lives, but want one because they're not ultra feminists who believe that men are meaningless, unnecessary, or just obsessed with sports. Basically a girl with good perspective on life.

    I will say that I usually am more attracted to white girls. I don't have any "perfect" body type that I prefer; just as long as everything's (relatively) proportional. Her height and weight create a normal BMI score and everything fits her body. Having a beautiful face is most attractive. That being smooth skin, deep eyes, great smile, good teeth, beautiful hair, etc.

    Someone who has good financial sense and knows how to keep what they earn is very important. I don't care what her profession is though. If she's mature and carries herself with confidence and poise, I don't care about things like career choice or education level. Having a true perspective

  • Time to work on your self esteem. And stop comparing.

  • They are probably intimidated because you're pretty.. I know if i see a pretty girl i get scared and avoid eye contact

  • I'm sure guys do look at you just not the ones you want to look at you.

    • I still feel that NO guys look at me. I want to post a picture to see what people would say but honestly I don't want to take the chances of people I know posting this and seeing my issues...

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