I'm obsessed with physical appearance! Help!!!?

All guys I like are hot and good looking. I notice I don't go for personality, just for the good looking which fades which is a bad thing. How do I stop going for just the physical appearance and focus more on the personality, when I can't even want to spend time to get to know a guy who's not good looking?


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  • I agree with @ixi10. I've been told that I'm attractive and in response I just say "thank you." I just think I'm me. Call it modesty or whatever, I've over come my self esteem issues. People also say "I can't believe you're single"

    I just shrug my shoulders


What Girls Said 1

  • Find a hot guy with a good personality. They exist :)

    • Awww thank you :)

      And unfortunately, I've come to realize that most hot guys are @$$hole :/ Average looking guys are nicer...

    • Yes agreed. Most are but dont lower your standards! Hot nice guys are out there. Just gotta keep searching.

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