After date confusion?

ok so here's the situation, i asked a girl who i happen to work with, on a date. so we ended up having dinner and seeing a movie that weekend, things seemed to go well, and to me it looked like it went great, i dropped her off and got a kiss on the cheek, i wasn't really expecting anything, considering it was our first date. Prior to me asking her out, i didn't have her number, until now at least, but whenever i try to text her she usually answers one or two times or just flat out ignores me, i dont want to be all pushy so i just text once in a while, sometimes i'll say hi or just send her a funny picture, but nothing. When i see her at work things are normal and just casual flirting, but i think it might bother her that she is three years older than me, although i do look older than her. well anyway, what is your opinion on this situation, do you think that i'm over thinking this or does it seem like she really isn't interested?


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  • Hi,

    In my experience a girl who sends mixed signals like this either tends to be unsure of how she feels about you or she has very little interest in you and by her ignoring your texts she is trying to send you a subtle hint that she has little to no interest in you.

    I would stop texting her and I'd keep things polite and calm with her at work as I am positive neither you or her will want any work place problems arising.

    I hope I have helped you in some way,


    • in your opinion should i try to ask for a second date or wait to see if she shows any interest in a relationship

    • You can ask her out on a second date and see what she says. If you get any answer other than a 'yes', then I think you should accept defeat, delete her number and go about your business as per usual.

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