Guys, in the beginning stages of dating, when do you expect the woman to initiate plans for a date?

We've been seeing each other for a little over a month, been on a handful of dates, and have already been intimate. He has always asked for and planned the dates. Is it my turn to ask him out?

I've been reading and hearing opposite views on this. Some advise that until exclusivity or a long-term relationship has been established, then the guy should do the initiating. The reason given is that men are hardwired to "chase" and by initiating this early, the girl could possibly turn the guy off.

Others say that the girl should ask the guy out after 3 or 4 dates because if she lets the guy keep initiating, he's going to think she's not really interested in him. The reason given is that dating is a two-way thing and should be give-and-take.

But we're only in the early stages. No real relationship has been established yet. It's too early to gauge where it's heading. So at this point, should it be 50-50, or should the lady let the guy lead?


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  • Yup, it's your turn to ask him out. Your turn to make the plans

    • And that will not be seen as the woman being "needy"?

    • Nope, my gf asks me out lol
      I took her out 2 days ago and then next day she told me that she made plans to go at the mall & wants to take me too see a movie

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  • i would say after the first 3 dates

  • After the first 4 dates or so. Men only have so many ideas for dates.


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