I am bout to go through it?

Me and my ex have been I'm going through this booty call status for a couple months now and now he's been drawn closer to me. texting me every day taking me out doing the things that we all used to do but we're not still a couple. I am about to take myself out of the situation I know I'm about to be all by myself thne thing that is my fear but Ian about to duke it out. This is the one thing that make females and males into being scared of breaking it off with their booty calls because they don't want to be alone. I am about to be by myself and it's hard to except it but is the best thing at the end of the day. if this man truly cares about me but is just acting scared about the relationship. how will he react if he didn't care about me is he going to just disappear or if he cares about him is he going to reach out more.


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  • If he cares, he might listen to you and let you go your own way in peace. Don't do this if you're thinking he might decide he wants to get back together again if he sees he's losing you.

    • So if I pull away he might let me go? But if we continue to see each other the way that we are u think he he is thinking about working things out just in a way of letting things happen the way they are suppose to

    • It depends on what he wants, you know? If he's happy with the friends with benefits thing and doesn't want a more involved relationship... That can change over time, but it can also stay the same. I don't know w/o asking him what he wants shrug I'm not entirely sure what YOU want in this situation!

  • So you're leaving a clearly broken relationship that has no dedicated ties and wondering how he will react? Honestly he will probably not like it. Question it even. But he will live on too.


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