What sort of questions do guys like to be asked by a girl?

I always get the feeling that I talk too much about myself when I'm around a guy... I mostly make jokes about myself... lol

If the guys talks by himself, I'm happy to listen, but if he doesn't talk a lot, I'll do that for him.

However, it'd be more interesting (I think) if I asked more questions instead of talking so much. But I never know what to ask at that moment... so I keep on talking.

Guys, what questions do u like to be asked?


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  • What do I like to be asked? "Do you want to go again?" or if that's not the type of thing you meant:

    I like being asked about myself, provided the questions indicate general curiosity, otherwise I worry to much about making the right impression. I'm perhaps a bit weird, and I would also enjoy just being asked my opinion on various things (that aren't necessarily all that relevant).


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  • I like being asked things about me... What am i doing with myself, why are you doing that, what are your dreams and aspirations. Questions that help the girl to get to know me, and to know what makes me tick. I ask similar questions to her.

    Basically, it's if you want to know something, ask it. No matter how awkward or weird. I once asked a girl what kind of vegetable she would like to be...

    • lol what was her answer? :D
      I'm always afraid of sounding like I want to know too much... I talk a lot so people think I'm not shy, but I am. And that's why it's hard for me to ask personal questions!

    • She chose broccoli... but don't be shy with questions. that's all they are, questions, but obviously keep the sexual questions until later on in the relationship otherwise it could creep the other party out.
      If you do feel you are talking too much, limit it to a minute or so at a time, at most. Takes practice, but it allows an evenly sided conversation.

  • Questions about them. Have an interest in them

  • All people like to be asked about themselves, specifically their positive traits or ambitions.


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