Opinion from Girls ; Why is this girl doing this? Is she mad or hates me?

So at my first week of University I met a girl in my class.
We had a conversation for around 10 minutes and our class finished at around 10 pm in the night.

She offered me a drive to my place, but I said I am fine and thanked for her offer. I told her I will see her in class again.

A few days later I saw her staring at me in class and then went and sat at a table near the library (Uni).

I approached her and started a conversation. She was talking and barely 3 minutes, she said she had to go and get something to eat.

A week later in our class, she would look at me and pretend not to notice me and smile at other guys in front of me.

I told myself , " OK , SHE HATES ME, FORGET HER" and stopped talking to her.

I saw her again in class staring at me but ignored her.

This week when I was waiting for my practical, she walks up to me and starts talking , asking me if I was good and caring for me.

I am sick and tired of her.

I just can't understand girls?


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  • lol its something girls and guys have practiced for like ever. She doesn't hate you its cat and mouse she wanted u to chase her which is weird but I don't know its like animals which ever peacock fans his feathers more gets the attention. This situation is actually whats happening to me at the moment... sort of... me and this guy were never talking super romantically just harmless flirtation but now he's blatantly talking to another girl which is totall fine!(which is girl speak for IDFWU anymore) SO The first chance I get Im going to get this guy back!!! Im going to post pics upon pics with my new beau!!! just to shove it down his throat. But you like this girl and want her so dont over exaggerate the game dont let what she's doing play with your head because thats what she wants is for you to loose sleepy over her. Also dont over play it if u flirt with another girl or else she'll think you're not interested and move on. Which is what a guy did to me once so I moved on.

    • Thnx for ur opinion :-)

      In your situation it is different because the guy is NOT making an effort.

      She has showed action that seems as if she HATES ME for no reason.


    • you're welcome. I mean he makes an effort... its just not as strong as I'd like it to be but oh well... he's talking to someone new. Which means I have to move on. Don't hate her she was trying to make you jealous... she wanted to ruffles your feathers to see if you actually liked her and would still pursue her and if you think there's someone else who will go after then you'll step thats how she's thinking. Honestly I've had guys do it to me and it sucks when it's dished back out but hey if I really want the guy i'll tell me and then its bye bitch to all his side pieces

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  • she might like you dummy :p, she wants your attention, wants to make you a bit jealous see how you will react, not talking to her probably made her realise you dont like her. talk to her! dont be mean about it all, she just doesn't know how to show you she might be interested.

    • Thanks:) But when I approached the second time, why did she end the conversation first and leave quickly? Also why did she smile at the other guy in front of me?

    • she was probably feeling to nervous and shy, she doesn't know how to approach you and talk to you and probably thought the whole thing was uncomfortable and she was probably scared if she was saying the right things. just smiling at another guy in front of you doesn't mean anything. i smile at people all the time , the fact that you noticed it and it annoyed you may also mean you are getting interested in her too. talk to her, be her friend, take the first step, (she is obviously shy ) and just make it feel comfortable and normal for both of you. then if you are both interested see where it leads :)

    • Thanks:)) But why doesn't she smile at me?

  • She got your attention, played hard to get when you started to show interest, then went running back to you when her plan backfired. :))

    • So what's her plan... IS she planning something evil against me and hates me or does she like me at ALL?

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    • Nah... If she need constant attention, no way it's possible. I think she should change her attitude or forget me.

    • Yep, I think so too. :/

  • She is playing hard to get and at the same time wondering if you like her and when will you ask her out


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  • It sounds like she had interest in you and you keep blowing her off.

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