My ex recently came back into my life and wants to develop a friendship again. I'm scared bc I love him so much I want more and he has hinted at it?

what do i do? i really love him and I'm scared to get hurt again but i feel like he is for real but on the other time I'm scared he only wants me for sex since we are both about to be home for the holidays and with me being so far away in college how would we work this out once i go back to campus


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  • You just need to talk to him honestly about it. I know you're scared, but really I can't tell you how you two would work it out because you and I may be on board with the idea but he may not be when you tell him. So just tell him honestly that you still have feelings for him. Ask him honestly what he is back for and hoping to get out of all of this. If his response is sex, tell him how you'd feel about that. If his response is a relationship, tell him you feel about it and talk with him and figure out how to work it out. That's really the best thing you can do.


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  • Say no to his friendship. Its not worth torturing yourself, the chance of it working the 2nd time is always slimmer then 20% and you shouldn't put yourself through hell for so little

  • You kick him the fuck out.

    • although i really love him and we have been through so much together?

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    • The 1001 reasons argument doesn't make sense.

    • Your opinion is worthless.

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