Is he trying to keep a distance or really just busy?

I recently ran into an ex that things did not end well with. He wanted to prove to me he is a changed man and wanted to spend time together. Which led to sleepovers. And I love when he is here. It's a big cuddle fest. And he is aware that I am not sure how I feel about things until he actually proves he's different and I want nothing exclusive. But I am open to maybe down the road considering that.
My thing is that he often ignores my texts, or seems like he doesn't really want to hang. I would love to see him more than once a week and he says he wants to as well. I know that at his job he sometimes has to work a lot of overtime and that puts him in a really foul mood so he often withdraws from people then. So could he be just keeping his distance, or should I believe he is busy?


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  • It sounds like you should believe him since he is acting accordingly trying not to drag his foul mood with him.

    I made that up.


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