Is it lame to ask someone out via text?

my first thought is yes, yes it is. I text just as much as the next person, but text messaging seems so impersonal. and asking someone out on a real date just seems like something that should be done in person, face to face. you're not going to text them on the date, so how can you be taken seriously if you won't even look them in the face to ask them out in the first place?

that said, you can't be expected to see the person everyday to have the opportunity to ask them in person. and even if you do see them often, its not always at a good time or place to just run up and ask them out.

so the next step is to call them. some people don't like talking on the phone or don't answer, so then you end up asking out their mailbox... awkward. and even then, maybe they'll check their messages, maybe they won't.

i may have rambled a bit, but the question still stands. has technology made the text message the new phone call? or is it just that much easier to turn him down and forget about it completely.
It should not be this hard just to ask someone out. is it?


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  • Texting for a date seems a little cowardly to me. I respect a guy who has the courage to ask me in person-face to face.. Especially a first date. Or a special date. Hell, any date. If she is special enough to ask out, she is worth the face time. So Man up and talk to her face to face. She will appreciate it.


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  • Never text woman to ask her out. I don't care if you barely see her.

    Go see her in person and do it. Shows how much balls you have. Only use texting/calling to follow up after asking her out.


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  • Sometimes it's easier to just text. I met a guy and we decided to go on a date through text. He lives an hour away, so face to face isn't always easy.


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