How do I stop being so shy and work up the courage to walk to guys?

I am so sick of being shy around guys and developing crushes which I no nothing will happen from because I am so shy. How can I be less shy and actually talk to guys? I really dont want to let another guy go just because I am to shy:(

*Sorry TALK


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  • Just be confident like me.

    • How XD

    • You're shy because you care of what they might think of you... Soo don't give a fuck. Just walk up to them and ask what is their name then introduce yourself. Then talk about what ever, then ask if he wanna hangout later and give him your number. ( guys like confident girls and smile)

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  • You hace to be sure about yourself, dress up and get beautiful and look in the mirror If you like what you ser remember that next time you want to talk to a guy. Having your self esteem high is ultra important.

  • Work on yourself and develop a positive self image.

    • see I have a positive self image and I would say that I am a 6 out of 10, I have no issue talking with girls but there is something about guys that make me really shy :(

    • Looks have little to do with you going up to them and talking (now, whether they're interested is where looks come into play). If you're still shy, that means you're still thinking what they're going to think of you, when in reality it's more of what you think about them.

  • you don't have to walk up to guys, you are the girl they are supposed to walk up to you and approach you and ask you out

    • Sorry that was meant to be talk!

    • The same applies.. it's okay for the woman to be shy but it's not okay for the man

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