Could this mean my ex is showing signs of interest? HELP?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about almost 2 months ago. I really do love and miss him. We didn't have a terrible breakup, we just went out separate ways.

We didn't talk for a month. And after that month of trying to get over him, I realized that I do genuinly miss him and want him back. I've reached out to him by texting him. All of which he is responsive to. Every time I text him, he texts me back and his texts are really positive twords me, but he only responds once and doesn't text back again.

I'm really confused! I don't want to jump into "I love you, I miss you please come back" I want to start friendly to where we can build up to talking about it, but i can't get there when we can't just have a back and forth conversation.

Do you think he is still interested in me but is playing hard to get? It seems like he really wants to talk to me. He responds to my texts really fast! but then he just never texts back after my response. In our previous texts of what I can get out of him he has told me that he misses my family, and wants to go hunting with my dad when he is back in town and he even sent me a picture of himself today.

Any tips or advice would be great! I'm really struggling here!! :\


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  • I think he likes the idea of being able to talk without actually getting back together. I have noticed when I try to talk to ex boyfriends and they do this they never have a chance to miss me and become comfortable with how it is. If you're texting him he knows you're not with anyone else. Try not texting him for a few days at a time or more sporadically so he has a chance to miss you. The no contact rule has always worked for me. I have never went the full month but sometimes I'll do a week or only text once every few days. You have the ability to make him come back just follow through :)