Pants in the relationship?

What does it mean when a woman tells you that she feels like she has the pants in the relationship?

I never understood why my ex always said that when I was the one doing everything for her except for deciding which restaurant or club we wanted to go to. She said having the pants in the relationship was accepting your mistakes and apologizing and also if there was a fight, no matter who's fault it was the guy, in this case me, is supposed to fix the problem. Basically men are supposed to do everything for women in order for us to get sex.
Is this true?

  • having the pants in the relationship is doing everything for your gf/bf
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  • having the pants in the relationship is just making decisions for both no matter what she says
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  • if none of them are true please explain...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wearing the pants in the relationship means she felt like the dominant one for some reason. Are u a passive person?

    • I think I am a passive person if google is giving me the right meaning of a passive person. But maybe she felt that way at times. Actually she felt that way even more whenever we would fight but i think she has the wrong meaning of "wearing the pants in the relationship"

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  • "wearing the pants" is the same as the other person being whipped. If you wear the pants it pretty much means whatever you say the other person does.


What Guys Said 1

  • That is absolutely horrid idea of a relationship. Run away far and fast from these women.