Is it weird for a guy to not text for a few days?

We both agreed that we had a lot of fun on our date and he told me we should have a video night soon and that we could maybe go to church together sometime in the next few weeks.
he did warn me he was going to be really busy this week though because he broke his leg and when we met he had a lot more time to talk because he wasn't at work and he started on Monday and weve barely been able to text since were both working. But its been a few days. Im kind of sad about it but I know he's busy. Im just not used to talking to a busy guy.
so he still tried to make plans and stuff. Am I just thinking a little too much into it?
Im not weird, nor have i over texted him. I sent him a few snap chats today but thats about it. I just miss talking to him a little.. haha. I would hate for all of our talks to just be for nothing in the end.


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  • I don't know, there are some guys who just don't like texting. Like myself. But I'd still do another form of contact


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  • I find it odd to not be able to find time in a 24 hour day. But I've never had a very demanding job like a doctor or something.

    • I mean thats true. I dont know :/

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    • Not sure. I don't want to wait haha. Its been about a day and a half. But it's his first week back so he does have a ton of stuff to catch up on. I guess I wouldn't mind waiting if I knew how he wanted to pursue this thing.

    • I mean, I get being busy at work... too busy to text... but he does leave the office at some point, right? That's really my thing with it. I guess give him (as hard as that will be) till the end of the weekend.

  • He is either playing hard to get or leading you on... In both cases I wouldn't date such a person. He can never be busy to send you a good morning text, or a good night one, or asking you how your doing... It takes 0.2 seconds... Just saying.

    • Thats true too. I just hope if anything he wouldn't play games. It was clear that he was into me on our date and even while we were hanging out he was like its weird how your finally with me, I keep looking at my phone waiting for your text.
      So its just super confusing and yet he did tell me if there was anything wrong he would tell me about it so neither of us are wondering and he asked me to do something next week.
      So I guess we will just have to see. I dont want to be the one who keeps trying to start conversations. It would be nice for him to send one. I hate the dating game. Its confusing to me because im such an open person.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much. I'm kinda in the same situation right now and I know how that feels. I would honestly just take his word for whatever he said about going to church or spending time together. It will happen eventually. I think you are overthinking it a bit too much.

    When was the last time he texted you or snapchatted you?

    • I was just kinda going to let him do his thing, if he wants to make time he will and if he doesn't that would thoroughly suck because weve had some really deep conversations even about settling down and our thoughts on life and all the things that are important to us we agree on and its rare how he's that good of a catch lol. He always texts or snap chats me back when I text him but the conversation doesn't stay for super long. I think I snap chatted him this morning but he hasn't opened it yet.

    • Definitely agree that if he wants to make time he will. Based on what you said, I don't see why he wouldn't seeing as it looks like you've had some great conversations. I'd say he's just busy with work and stuff and doesn't have time to have a long conversation over texting. Maybe he doesn't like texting that much. I know that you'd like HIM to text you to do something, but I would maybe text him sometime today and see if he's busy this weekend. It'll work out :) Best piece of advice is to just avoid over thinking it.