So this girl is flirting with me?

She's in my GYM class. Thing is I already have a girlfriend. This girl is hot, athletic, popular, flirty and... absolutely not the kind of girl I would EVER date for the life of me simply because she is a snobby sexist bitch. Period. Now I know that she doesn't like me because while she's a curvy, popular girl who likes to get in trouble I on the other hand am a slightly chubby geek who likes to stay OUT of trouble. Girls like her just don't get with guys like me. But here's the problem. My girlfriend gets picked on a lot and there are a lot of girls who flirt with me to try to piss her off. I don't know how to handle this.


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  • You've got a paradox. When you're single, you realize how lonely you are and no one wants you. When you're in a relationship, you think of the possibilities more often and think there's more flirting going on then there actually is.

  • Who do you like more IT DEPENDS


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