Wrong to want to do something special with girlfriend?

I know the title isn't really clear, so let me clarify. I've always been a bit of a nerdy guy through school, always trying to do good... so of course I've never really had any luck when it comes to girls or having a relationship. Now as I reach my mid-20s, it seems a few girls are starting to notice I exist.

But my problem is when I find out more about a lot of girls these days! They have such a lengthy 'past' at such a young age. I'm not saying I need a virgin, but most girls my age have lived with an ex, gone on vacations with an ex, many have been engaged to an ex, many have kids with an ex, etc.

Call me old-fashion or whatever... but if I find a girl I love and want to be with forever, I want there to be at least a few things that ONLY I have gotten to do with her. It used to be back in the day, you would be the only guy to have sex with your wife, the only guy to ever go on vacation with your wife, the only guy to live with your wife, etc. Essentially you were special to her.

Am I wrong for wanting at least some of that? If I do find a girl I want to be with forever, I wouldn't feel special at all knowing she's shared an apartment with her ex or gone on vacation with her ex or whatnot... I would feel like I'm just another guy she's doing that with.

Am I wrong for wanting to be able to have unique experiences with a girl? To be the only guy she has ever done some activities with? Or am I being naive and out of touch with how promiscuous girls are today?


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  • Keep your chin up they do exist. There are some fairly conservative girls out there. The problem is they don't make themselves apparent and are usually fairly quiet.

  • Im sorry to burst your bubble but in this day and age that isn't going to happen, I wanted it that way and it didn't go to plan it's not our fault, I want nothing more than to have all those things you described but when the father of your kids cheats with every woman with a pulse im
    Sorry but respect for myself came first and i walked away. Not my fault but couldn't stay just so we seemed like the perfect family

    • That's the problem with this generation, it's never your fault. The fact that you picked a bad boy who would rather sleep around rather then a nice guy is somewhat your fault.
      But let me ask, was this 'bad boy' the first guy you shared a place with, had kids with, went on vacation with, etc?

    • I wouldn't say he was a bad boi quite the opposite he just saw an opportunity and took it and thought he was a bad boi pretty lame really. So it wasn't mu fault at all he was the first man I shared a place with and had kids but never vacation with i go with my family and children never been on a vacation with a partner

    • So how long were you with him before having kids with him and living with him and all that? Maybe I can find a girl like your previous self before you gave away your innocence to a bad boy.

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