Girls lose interest when you respond to their compliments?

Girls have told me that I have had a great heart, how awesome I am, I'm a super cool person. I usually tell them "thanks". An older friend of mine whos more experienced with girls said he says the same. But I've read that girls lose interest in guys if they respond to their compliments? Is this true? I've read that responding to them is a beta male trait.

I'm improving a lot though, I got good female friends to practice my alpha moments lol, it's what I am actually capable of inherently.


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  • no. thats a lie. i like it when guys will take my complements. if i tell them they are cute and they say "no im not" im most likely gonna get annoyed in all honesty.

    • A good female friend of mine empathized with me about how some previous girls took advantage of me for my good listening skills, she said it was too bad they didn't see how great I am. I told her "Thanks!" and asked her how she is doing during the week. Was that a great reply? It must be because she kept chatting with me lol. I'm on a learning curve, learning how to use humor to make her happy and lift her out of the blues on crappy days etc.

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