I'm feeling so down and lost about this, I just don't understand why?

I asked a similar question like this last night, but I left out some details. I broke it off with a guy I was seeing because he couldn't commit. he tried really hard to have me understand, he had been in a relationship (just one) for practically his entire young adult life, it ended badly, and he didn't want to look back on this time in his life and feel like he missed something. He has been in and out of my life for about two years now, each time I end it he tries hard after a little while to get back in. I don't think it's about sex because whenever I don't want to have sex it's not a big deal, we just do something else we like to do instead. he is very respectful, kind, and understanding of me and we pretty much act like a couple in public. I feel like I have put the pressure on for a relationship somewhat quick and fast this time just because I know he has been unable to in the fast and I was immediately worried about it, and i feel like I may have pressured him too fast, because at the beginning it was "I don't know" and then it went to that he couldn't handle it, as I somewhat kept the pressure on. nothing else was wrong. we have such a good time together, he tells me how absolutely beautiful I am as well as how smart he thinks I am, and he values my opinions. Sometimes we just look at each other and smile, not saying anything. But I got angry about a week ago and just told him I couldn't do it and not to call me again (he really hates to hear that, argues with me about it). It was a rash decision, but I was scared, and I still am. I just don't understand when some one feels so strongly for another they can't be committed to that person. I don't feel like I am the reason, but am I?

  • you are not the reason, he may commit in the future because of how much he likes you, but you can't know for sure
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  • you might be the reason, it doesn't sound like he wants you
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So I broke it off and I blocked his number for now, but I don't know if I did the right thing because I've never liked some one so much
what are some boundaries that are fair to set for something like this?


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  • You did the right thing.

  • you're fine. Just live a little

    • thank you :) I'm trying to just stay calm about it, I want to talk to him again I just don't know when

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    • plus I still don't exactly know what to say

    • just be honest

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