Easy ways do boost confidence?

I'm pretty much fine with how I am for the most part except for my body. But I'd just like a few tips on confidence boosters before interactions with the fairer sex (another way of saying woman/female).

I would like opinions from both Men and Women.


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  • Yeah exercise is probably the best answer.

    But also recently I've found Tinder to be a really easy confidence booster. Literally just try to get matches and then talk to people, and enjoy doing it. No dating or meetups needed at all. Easy +1 to confidence without ever having to leave your chair.

    • I've heard about that but what exactly is Tinder? Just a way to talk to people or?

    • It's just an app which searches for people in a given area, and you basically say "Yes" or "No" when presented with pictures of people, and then you get to have conversations when there's a mutual discovery and answer of "Yes".

      However, I've just now noticed you've got the 'Under 18' label, which may or may not make this a bad idea. Firstly I think the minimum age is 18, and also I think it requires a certain degree of mental development to not take a lot of it personally (please don't take that as an insult, I'm just trying to be careful with my advice). Tinder is a terribly shallow place, and the less thought you give it, the better. That kind of sums up confidence, in general. Less thought/caring = better.

      So yeah, maybe don't go jumping into Tinder just yet - but I still think "Just go online and talk to people" is good advice. It's low risk and it's easy. Continue to use girlsaskguys. com! It's not a dating site, but it's great for talking/relaxing; therefore confidence.

    • Ah, well seeing as I don't have a smart phone I probably couldn't use it in the first place. and to be honest things said by people I don't know don't really have an affect on me. Though I might not seem it in person I'm probably more mature than a lot of people my age.

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  • Exercise. Even if you don't actually exercise regularly exercising (even just stretching) will make you actually feel like you did something. It boosts confidence.

    • Good call. Thanks for the input.

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    • Haha, its fine man. Have a good night/day depending on where you live.

    • You too.