Buying a girl at the flower shop flowers, is this a good way to do it?

Ok so i'm trying to be different here. I noticed a cute girl working in the floral department at the grocery store today and she was helping someone when I walked by so I didn't approach her, but I got to thinking. What if I acted like I was buying flowers for someone else, but they really are for her. So basically I could make up a story about how I recently met a girl and would like to give her something simple just showing that I enjoyed talking to her. So then I could get her to help me pick out some flowers, She'll probably end up picking out the ones that she would like, right? Then after I do that I tell her that the flowers are actually for her and not another girl. Girls, would you like this? I know it's definitely different. I'm thinking at least it would be a good way to meet her and be able to introduce myself. Would I be able to get her number you think? Or would it just be a good way to maybe make a friend? I'm still trying to work out the details. Assuming this idea isn't completely crazy. lol

I've started dating another girl so I still haven't done this yet. I noticed she still works their though. I don't see how, buying her flowers is going to make her like me though honestly. It just seems like a waste of money.
Well just to update I approached her. I didn't do the whole flower thing, but she seemed kind of stuck up and didn't really seem interested. Although she was busy making a bouquet of flowers, so I guess I picked a bad time. I think i'll try another time later on in the week and hopefully she won't be busy.


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  • I think that is a good idea. If you are generous with your money, have the girl make up a heart bouquet made of roses. Something like this.

    Then get her to inscribe something in it to remember you by and send it to her. Then hide outside her shop and see how she reacts when she gets it :D

    I think that is an absolutely crazy and AMAZING idea!!


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  • That's cute! I think you should do that.

  • You are not acting in a movie that's look like a sene from a movie then real life.


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  • I would be the first to discourage this if I thought it was a bad idea. Do I think it is a bold move? Yes, definitely. And if you do it wrong it will certainly mess up your chance with this girl, but if you do it right then you would be pulling a fantastic move off here.

    Just keep it as a casual and flirty as possible, and don't get too serious with it. And keep the pressure to an absolute bare minimum.

    I think going through the whole process with her, having her give recommendations helping you pick something out etc.. is great. It will just be a nice build-up to the final move. Do that.

    Don't get something crazy expensive, in fact I would steer somewhat on the cheaper side but not too much. You could even say to her "I don't want to get something too extravagant for her here, I don't really know her that well yet." And just have fun with it that way, keeping this fun is important.

    And for the end game I would highly suggest not asking her for her phone number. Instead, I would just leave her yours. Once you buy the flowers just slide them back across the counter with your name and # on the card and say "Well hope you like them." Then I would end the interaction and leave shortly after that.

    Walk away after she has your # and if she is single and the least bit attracted to you I'd bet on you hearing from her. This is an excellent move and you will have fun with it, and she will appreciate it either way.

    I give you props for this idea it's great, I think you should 100% do it. And come back here and let me know how it works out, I'd love to hear. I can almost guarantee you will be glad you did it regardless of the outcome.

    Good luck man.

    • Hey man, I am just curious if you pulled the trigger on this yet? I want to know how it worked it out if you did. I think it is a great idea.

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    • She wasn't there today:( It was a different girl. I'll try again during the week.

    • You should just do it at every flower shop, to every girl, everywhere you go.

  • Tell her you're buying flowers for your mother and then hand her only a single one of the flowers from the bunch

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